Cover Glass Panels and Save on Winter Heating

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When we think about saving money on the winter heating bills, we initially think about using the heater less or putting on an extra jumper but window treatments can make a huge difference to keeping the house warmer in winter.

Whether you’re looking to do your part for the environment or reduce your utility bills, it’s important to look at every aspect of your house where warm, heated air escapes and cool outside air comes in.

A glass window pane can lose up to 10 times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall.* The warm inside air moves towards the cold glass and is lost through the unprotected pane.

By covering your glass windows you can greatly reduce the heated air loss and keep your home warmer for longer. But with so many options for window treatments what are the best ones for reducing heat loss?

Curtains & Pelmets
Curtains in close weave, heavy fabrics are best for ensuring cold air doesn’t escape. Even if you have heavy curtains, warm air can move between the curtain and window cooling the air and temperature of the room.

Pelmets and close fitting curtains mean airflow between the window and curtain is reduced so air can’t get in behind the curtain and cool.

If you have loose-fitting or thin curtains that aren’t offering much protection from heat escape, the addition of a blind can offer a second layer of protection.

Blinds & Shutters
Blinds are an ideal option for keeping warm air away from cool windows. When blinds are secured or close fitting at the top and sides of the window, there is no air flow between the blind and window. Shutters will have the same effect as a wall in that the warm air can’t penetrate and will stay in the room.

Sliding & Glass Doors
Covering your windows is important but sliding and stacking glass doors are far bigger areas that can cause the greatest heat loss.

Often customers believe they have limited options for covering glass doors or that curtains or blinds will make access through the door more difficult. However, there is a wide variety of convenient products now available for doors. From panel sliding door blinds, to roller blinds and verticals there is a window treatment to suit all doors and lifestyles.

Outdoor Blinds
Sliding doors from living areas often open onto patio and alfresco areas. By warming these outdoor areas, the glass windows and doors are not as cold. Clients often enclose their alfresco area with our Ziptrak blinds so they can use their outdoor areas during the colder months but they have the added benefit of keeping the cold air off the windows and glass doors reducing the transfer of heated indoor air.

If you want to make your house winter friendly and reduce your heating bills, ask a Westcoast Blinds WA consultant to visit and let you know what you can do to improve the effectiveness of the window treatments in your house.

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