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Roman Blinds


Blinds are one of the most effective window treatments for managing heat, light and privacy in your home. Whether you live in Perth or in greater WA, Westcoast Blinds WA are here to help find the perfect blinds for you.

If you’re looking for a sleek and durable window treatment that will stand the test of time, Roman Blinds are a great choice. With an elegant folding mechanism, these blinds are a classic model that can be adapted to any space.

Westcoast Blinds WA offers a large range of fabrics for our custom-fit Roman Blinds. Whether your style is minimalist, modern living or cosy family retreat, we’ve got fabric options to fit it. We stock a vast array of fabric colours and different kinds of plain or textured material. Depending on your preference, we can also install extra features such as front or back battens and padded pelmets. These features add that special touch which can elevate your blinds to the next level.

Unlike slatted blinds, Roman Blinds maintain discreet privacy. Ultimate control over visibility into your home is entirely in your hands. Roman Blinds are also an excellent way to moderate light in bright rooms: they can easily be rolled along fold lines to your desired height.

Insulation is another key asset of Roman Blinds. Fill your home with warm daylight or sustain cool temperatures on hot days. The light control offered by these blinds have the added benefit of protecting furniture and interiors from the harmful effects of prolonged, direct sun. Westcoast Blinds WA know how important this is for clients in the Perth environment, and offer customised window treatments to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Strong and Durable Roman Blinds for Your Home

The innovative design of Roman Blinds means that they are only made up of a few key components. They include a heavy-duty chain, a child safety device, the fabric blind and a choice between two operating systems (cord lock or continuous). Because of this efficient construction, they are highly durable and resistant to breakage. Westcoast Blinds WA are proud to supply high quality blinds that are built to last.


The Elegant and Sophisticated Look

Roman Blinds’ classic folded design create an atmosphere of luxury that is sure to impress. They are a window dressing that elevates any home.

It can be a dynamic option to combine Roman Blinds with other window treatments such as a face-fitted block-out or light filtering, transparent choices. For example, bedrooms might require darker, Blockout Blinds, while living and dining areas can benefit from lighter Blinds in transparent fabrics.


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Roman Blinds

Why Choose Roman Blinds?

  • Efficient control of heat and light
  • Maintain privacy with ease
  • Classic, timeless aesthetic
  • Strong, sturdy construction
  • Simple to clean


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