We are open and trading as per normal hours ensuring all safety guidelines are met.
We are open and trading as per normal hours ensuring all safety guidelines are met.


Vertical Blinds Perth

INDOORVertical Blinds

One of the more popular blinds is the vertical blind which can be fitted to virtually any window and is a perfect cost effective solution for wide sliding doors and larger windows. Although usually operated on a wand system, a cord system is still available.

“Verticals” combine a great look with energy efficiency and adjustable light control.

Chainless sewn in weights are available on most vertical blinds at no extra cost. We find that these are more practical than the type of vertical blinds which are chained together, as the chain that holds the blinds together (by necessity) has to be lightweight, so the likelihood of the chain being unhooked or broken is quite high.

The weights will hold each blind in place without the need for a chain, which when broken or unhooked can look untidy and messy.

Slat widths are 127mm and the classic look of 89mm.

A full range of fabrics is available from the budget ranges for rentals etc. through to the beautiful “Louvolite®” designer fabrics.

Vertical blinds are a popular choice, particularly in the hot sunny climate here in Perth, for covering sliding doors and larger windows. With a massive range of colours available, we make it simple to match the blinds to your existing décor.

Vertical Blinds Perth

  • Ideal for sliding doors
  • Easy to Control privacy & light
  • Affordable option
  • Blockout & light filtering fabrics

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