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INDOORZero Gravity Blinds Perth

Westcoast Blinds WA pride ourselves on offering our customers the latest in window dressing innovation. Our Zero Gravity blinds feature state-of-the art technology that perfectly balances the weight of a blind using a groundbreaking spring weighted mechanism. Take blind adjustment into your own hands by raising and lowering your ZeroGravity blinds to the exact desired height with the lightest touch. If you’re searching for a high quality, affordable blind company that supplies Zero Gravity blinds in Perth, you’ve come to the right place.


Innovative Zero Gravity Technology

ZeroGravity blinds are one of the biggest new developments in the window dressing world. The patent is currently pending worldwide for the unique spring, which can be attached to roller blinds of any fabric weight, tube size, and width. ZeroGravity technology creates a flawless equilibrium. It perfectly offsets the weight of the roller blind load.

Instead of hoisting a blind up and down with a chain, you will be able to move the blind precisely along the entire range of travel using only the slightest touch of the hand. ZeroGravity blinds are featherlight and feature a smooth range of motion that make accurate height adjustments a breeze. Let go, and the blind will stay in the perfectly balanced position you left it in. It’s basically effortless.


Modern Look

Another fantastic benefit of ZeroGravity technology is the possibility of sleek, modern design created by chain-free installation. Because you can maneuver the blind using subtle hand movements, you don’t need the visual clutter of dangling chain links. Chainless roller blinds can hang unobtrusively in your home, easily managing heat, light and privacy with a stylish presence. Whether you prefer single blinds, double blinds or fascia, we can adapt the ZeroGravity system to your space.


Safe for your family

In recent years, there have been global discussions about how to keep young children safe around blinds. Child safety is one of Westcoast Blinds WA’s biggest priorities. We strictly adhere to all government safety legislation and advice to maximise protection against every family’s worst nightmare.

Many parents explore the option of motorised blinds. However, they can be a less affordable option. The innovation offered by ZeroGravity offers an economical price point that doesn’t sacrifice any safety features. Designed with the highest level of child well-being in mind, Zero Gravity blinds give young families that much-needed peace of mind.


Adaptable Zero Gravity blind specifications

You might require us to install blinds that do feature chains or motorised rollers. We can do this. Whatever your window dressing circumstances are, we can adjust ZeroGravity technology in response.

The almost effortless innovation ZeroGravity blinds offer could make them perfect option for your home.


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Our blinds comply with the mandatory national standard as set out by www.productsafety.gov.au.
2-year factory warranty on all blinds and installation (terms and conditions apply)