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FREE in home measure and quote - Contact us today.

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Roller blinds are a functional and stylish blind for the home or office. Here at Westcoast Blinds WA, we have a huge range of material in plain and textured blockout fabrics, translucents, light filtering and sunscreens.

With the huge range of fabrics, roller blinds can be supplied to suit all budgets and because of their versatility, these window treatments have become one of the most popular.

We use quality “Acmeda” operating systems which have proven over the years to be smooth, efficient and reliable.

Our roller blinds can be supplied as manual operation, using either moulded or stainless steel chains (at no extra cost) or automated using either electric or battery, remote controlled motors. Battery motors are a great option removing the need for an electrician to install power points. The batteries are rechargeable or solar powered and are operated via a remote control or even via an app on your mobile phone.

Dual or Day Night Roller Blinds

This type of blind contains 2 blinds fitted into a pair of dual brackets. On the inside is usually a blockout layer for privacy with the out facing being a sunscreen blind which allows an outside view whilst screening out up to 95% of UV rays and 85% of heat.

Cassette Blinds

Sometimes called Theatre Blinds, these are contained in a cassette head box with side tracks which is ideal for light control. They can be supplied with the cassette head box only.

Block out Roller Blinds

Most of our sales for blinds are for block out roller blinds which range from the budget end pigmented polyester, able to be cleaned with a soapy damp cloth, through to the higher end fabrics which are also usually 100% polyester with an acrylic foam block out coating.

Translucent / Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Then there is the translucent and light filtering which is a polyester fabric without the acrylic foam block out backing. This blind allows light to be filtered in through the fabric generally without being able to be seen through.

The sunscreen fabric is usually a polyester PVC blend which allows a view to the outside without any view back in from outside. This fabric filters out up to 95% of harmful UV rays and keeps up to 85% of heat at bay. A large range of colours makes the sunscreen blind a favourite for living areas.

Roller Blind Options

The blind can be fitted into the window recess, generally reverse rolled (rolling to the front) or standard rolled (rolling to the back). Standard roll, by definition, used to be the manner in which most blinds were fitted as it allows easy access to the side operating chain but the pendulum has swung in recent times to mostly reverse roll as the fabric rolls forward over the roller tube thus hiding it. It looks very neat and elegant but a little more care need to be taken when operating the chain mechanism.

Yet another option is the “dual roller blind” or “day/night” blind. These blind combine a sunscreen blind, usually at the back, with a blockout blind to the front in the one “dual bracket”. It allows a full block out when needed, usually at night with a sunscreen view to the outside during the day.

Roller Blind Accessories

There are many optional accessories available for roller blinds. At Westcoast Blinds WA with any blind over 2200mm in width we include a spring assisted “booster” system to enable a silky smooth operation of the blind, particularly when taking the blind up, which can be quite an effort without the booster.

All of our installations comply with the relevant industry and government regulations. For instance if an operating chain comes within 1600mm of the floor it is a legal requirement that the loop chain be tethered to the wall in a “child safety” device.

If, in a stacker/sliding door situation, the opening requires 3 blinds the 2 at each end can be tethered to the side walls but the middle blind, because it has a moving door behind it, can not. In this situation one of two things can be done. A 500mm chain in most instances will not come within 1600mm of the floor and as such can hang loose without a child safety device. Alternatively it can be “multi linked” by way of an intermediate bracket which allows two blinds to be operated by the one chain at once.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds can also be automated, operated by motors inside the top tube. These motors can be hard wired in by an electrician, operated by either a switch or remote control. Motors may also be battery operated with either electric or solar powered chargers. The advantage of battery motors is that no electrician is required for electrical connection. There are however restrictions with the operating weights compared to electric motors.

Three types of bottom rails are available. The oval or flat aluminium or the “tear drop” which is a classy looking fabric wrap around.

Operating chains or cords are either a moulded PVC, very strong, or stainless steel (at no extra cost).

A more recent addition to our range is the Sheer Elegance roller blind. This blind utilises a continuous rolling fabric of sheer and block out strips. The blind can give a sheer outside view or with a simple adjustment turn into a full block out, it comes with a beautiful colour coordinated cassette headbox.

Roller blinds in Perth really are the most versatile and popular of all our products accounting for around 70% of all our sales.

We have a wide range of fabrics and blinds to suit any live space. Our experienced consultants can advise you either in our Clarkson showroom or in the comfort of your own home.

Visit our Gallery to see some of our Roller Blind Installations.
Our blinds comply with the mandatory national standard as set out by
2-year factory warranty on all blinds and installation (terms and conditions apply)

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