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September 11, 2019

Interior Design Trends

Interior design upgrades are always a fantastic way of ushering in a new year, and this can be done by introducing new accent pieces or a splash of color.  It can be working with lush greenery or using funky geometric patterns, among others. Leading interior design specialists predict that the following trends will be the most prominent.

  • Geometric patterns are the in thing
  • Using luxurious finishes and fabrics
  • Introducing more greenery indoors
  • Switching to terrazzo with focus on lighter wood tones


Interior design experts express the need to pay attention to functionality when implementing any of these interior design trends. This should be seen as striving for a flawless connect between the indoor and the outdoor spaces, or thinking of bringing in multi-functional furniture or pieces that have a minimalist effect that make a bold statement.

Geometric Patterns Are The In Thing

The retro interior design vibe made a comeback last year and is still trendy because it adds visual appeal through the incorporation of geometric patterns. It is one of the top options worth considering when upgrading the bathroom or kitchen.

Wallpaper or tiles that create a geometric pattern will help achieve this retro vibe in your home. If you feel that the trend is a tad too much, then consider a mild approach like introducing the pattern through items around the house such as the couch cushions, throw pillows, bedspreads, drapes, or rugs.

Using Luxurious Finishes And Fabrics

Faux fur and velvet are among the glamorous fabrics that give luxurious finishes that will make a huge come back. They will be featured in things such as upholstered furniture and bed heads, on carpets and even throw pillows.

According to Emily Osmond of Get In My Home, an interior design blog, the move is a shift from the dated color palette common in the last few years that ushered in some of the popular pigmented tones loved and used in Asia.

Luxe linen and a touch of velvet will feature in the making of accent pieces and the upgrading of old furniture to produce high-end finishes. Overall, the shift will see rooms will have a more ornate and oriental feel that replaces the minimalism many people are used to but without being too much of a change.

Introducing More Greenery Indoors

Having a potted plant or two is not uncommon in most homes. Adding more greenery into indoor spaces, however, will not only be a delightful enhancement but also one that helps create a calming effect.  According to the creator of The Design Writer, Penny Craswell, an interior design blogger, “kale” will be the new green color that will have a resounding effect in having that “greenery input” in homes.

In short, this trend will encourage the use of plants as an interior décor option with various options that include the use of creeping vines, hanging pots, and terrariums.  They can be coupled with timber, matte metal, glass, and white finishes to achieve a more refined look.

The introduction of the foliage as an interior design upgrade will work even for shops, offices, and restaurants. It can be blended with the use of creative ideas such as artificial plants and large-scale murals of lush greens among others.

Switching To Terrazzo With Focus On Lighter Wood Tones

Wood tones will be a prominent feature as interior designers increase their interests on creating an earthy feel even when using soft colors such as greys, blues, and whites. The tones will be evident in terrazzo, matte metals also as focus goes into the use of timber. The introduction of lighter tones that include the use of woods such as oak and birch will replace that of mahogany, ebony and other dark woody colors.

The use of terrazzo will also make a significant entry. It is a floor and wall treatment that involves the use of cement mixed with tiny marble chips. It was once a stylish flooring option but with its comeback will see it being used in other areas such as the kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as the walls.

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