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Blinds in WA’s Climate

September 11, 2019

Blinds in WA’s Climate

Why are blinds needed in Western Australia’s harsh climate?

Western Australia, in particular the capital city Perth, is unique in that it has a long hot, often harsh, summer and can lay claim to the fact that it has more sunny days, per annum, than any other Australian capital city.

Perth’s average summer maximum temperature is 32 degrees with 14 degrees the average in winter making it conducive to a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

To that end, blinds which can temper the effects of glare and heat are very much in demand in for homeowners.

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Outdoor Blinds

Because of the propencaty to the outdoors a blind very much in demand in Perth WA is the outdoor Cafe blind. There are several types available but by far the most popular is the Ziptrak cafe blind. This blind has no ropes or pulleys and is “anchored” in it’s tracks using the unique “Ziptrak” technology.

It is essentially a heavy duty external roller blind, can be motorized and comes in either PVC or mesh. The 2×2 weave heavy duty mesh fabric is by far the most popular and very low maintenance.

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Sunblock Roller Blinds

The most sought after internal blinds to blunt the sometimes harsh Perth climate are sunblock and / or sunscreen roller blinds.

The sunblock roller blind, as the name suggests, totally blocks out sun/light. It is the best type of blind if full blockout is required.

The sunscreen on the other hand blocks out up to 95% of harmful Ultra Violet rays and up to 85% of heat, at the same time allowing a view to the outside through them.

Alternatively the two can be combined in a dual bracket thus gaining the best of both worlds.

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Timber Blinds

Timber and / or Timberlook venetian blinds are also popular in that the amount of light entering through them can be adjusted via the tilt mechanism on the controls.

Actual timber, basswood, cedar or Paris timber, in any colour are good but caution should be exercised with dark coloured timberlook venetians. These blind are made of PVC or similar material, and in a dark colour heat is absorbed making these types of blind prone to warping, particularly in an afternoon sun aspect.

Many people also like to opt for plantation shutters which can also come in a range of colours and finishes.

Lighter coloured PVC Timberlooks are OK particularly white which is very popular.Westcoast Blinds WA cover all of the metro area, from Mandurah in the south to Two Rocks in the north. We can however go further out than these places or indeed we can offer a supply only option.

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Our background of installing blinds

The staff at Westcoast Blinds have over 20 years combined experience in the “window furnishing” industry in Western Australia.

Bob has owned and successfully operated several businesses including the North / West Perth division for the past 5 years.

Sarah, who originally came from a hairdressing background has had fantastic results in the North Eastern Perth division. She has had a meteoric rise to the top via her impressive emphasis on superior customer service.

Cassie is a qualified Interior Designer and through her vast knowledge and skills will go through blind colours and design suggestions with you to ensure a job you will love.

Michelle is our Showroom Manager and has extensive blind industry experience. Bring your plans in to Michelle and she will not only go through all the products and colours with you but she will also provide you with a more than competitive quote.

Together we run an extremely efficient client focused operation with the emphasis always on premium customer service.

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Our service area includes ALL AREAS OF PERTH, from Guilderton in the North to Dawesville in the South and East to The Hills.

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