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Roller Shutters Perth

Sometimes we need something more than just elegant window coverings. If you also need to add protection or enhance the security of your home or commercial property, the Westcoast Blinds WA range of high-quality outdoor aluminium roller shutters in Perth, supplied in various powder coated colour options, has the answers you’re seeking.

Uses of Roller Shutters

Westcoast WA’s outdoor roller blinds are ideal for situations where you need:

  • Improved physical security of your property
  • To control heat and cold transfer from outdoors,
  • Reduction of unwanted noise
  • Reduction of light leakage
  • To protect your property from storm and wind damage
  • Fire protection – our roller shutters are CSIRO rated to protect against the possibility of fire caused by ember heat. They also provide protection of windows from radiant heat from bushfires

Our outdoor roller shutters will help control heat and cold transfer from outside, manage unwanted noise, reduce light leakage (ideal for a nursery), add an extra level of security and will protect you during unpredictable windy and stormy conditions.

Our roller shutters are CSIRO rated to protect against the possibility of fire caused by ember heat. The CSIRO has assed (assessment 329)  the roller shutters and have stated that in their opinion the roller shutters are suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat from bushfires and also satisfy:

  • Clause GP5.1 (volume 1-class 2 to 9 buildings) and Clause P2.3.4 (volume 2-class 1 & 10 buildings the Australian Building Code of Australia 2005.
  • Satisfies the requirement of level 2 construction for protecting window openings from radiant heat in a high category bushfire as defined in AS 3959 – 1999 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.

Outdoor Roller Shuttersoutdoor Roller Shutters in perth home

Benefits of Roller Shutters

Security and Safety

Outdoor roller shutters form a tough external barrier and are a proven deterrent to potential thieves. They also add vital protection against everything Australia’s tough conditions and climate has to offer, from storms to bushfires

Real Cost Savings

Roller shutters can have a direct favourable impact on property insurance premiums, while the additional shading and insulation provided by the shutters can also significantly reduce your need to rely on costly air conditioning or heating, so your energy bills will be lower

Control Light Levels

Roller shutters provide protection against the harsh Australian sun during the day and minimising outside light at night

Noise Insulation

For those living in noisy locations, such as close to a main road or railway line, manual or electric roller shutters will significantly reduce noise levels

Want to know more?

To discover everything you need to know about roller shutters in Perth, visit our Clarkson showroom or ask about our mobile showroom – we understand how busy you are, so we’ll bring our full range directly to your home or workplace! Alternatively, use our contact us to make an initial enquiry or request a quote.

Our blinds comply with the mandatory national standard as set out by
2-year factory warranty on all blinds and installation (terms and conditions apply)