We are open and trading as per normal hours ensuring all safety guidelines are met.
We are open and trading as per normal hours ensuring all safety guidelines are met.

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How To Clean Roller Blinds

September 11, 2019

How To Clean Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are simple yet elegant window treatments which can fit in almost every décor. If you’re blinds are looking old and tired, before replacing your blinds, we recommend trying to clean them as best as you can. Cleaning roller blinds involves different methods which depend mostly on the kind of material they are made of. The following steps below are cleaning procedures for roller blinds which have materials that can be soaked in water. However, if your blinds are made of materials that are not advisable to be saturated with water, the safest cleaning option for them is spot cleaning.

Things Needed:

Mild laundry cleaner

Bleach solution

Soft cloth or sponge

Old/Used toothbrush

Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment

Bath tub

Drying rack

Warm water

Steps in Cleaning the Blinds:

If your blinds are totally filthy, it is better to start by thoroughly vacuuming the surface of the blinds to remove thick dirt.

Detached the blinds from your roller and lay them carefully on a flat surface.

Using the vacuum brush attachment, gently brush the blinds’ surface and vacuum away loose dirt, dead bugs, and other insects.

Next, pour warm water, about half full, into the bathtub.

Pour in some detergent cleaner to the water. Mix the detergent and water together until suds float on the surface. Add a few drops of bleach on the mixture if your blinds are white.

Next, lay the blinds carefully in the bathtub. If your blinds are a bit long, you can freely layer them in an accordion style.

Let them be submerged into the soapy water solution for few hours.

Next, beginning at one end of your blinds, carefully wipe the blinds back and forth with the use of a sponge or a soft clean cloth. In this step, you are removing dirt or stains that might had remained in the roller blinds.

If there are tough stains, you can scrub them softly with an old or used toothbrush.

Remove the sudsy water from the bathtub by draining.

Refill the tub with clean water and then rinse the blinds. Be sure to rinse away all suds and soap residue because if you miss a soapy spot, this can become a spot that will quickly collect dust and dirt.

After rinsing, you can now lay your blinds over a drying rack and let them dry completely.

When the blinds are completely dry, attach the blinds back onto the roller and then reinstall the roller blinds over the window.

Tips and Other Ideas:

If your blinds are colored, you can use color-safe bleach for additional cleaning power.

Do not use harsh cleaner solution for your fabric as it can damage the material.

Spot cleaning is best cleaning method is you have paper blinds or timber blinds. Use a damp cloth in cleaning and let the blinds dry fully before reinstalling them over the window.

To avoid major dirt and stain build ups, clean your roller blinds regularly.

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