5 Smart Utilisation Of Panel Blinds

5 Smart Utilisation Of Panel Blinds
23rd September, 2022
5 Smart Utilisation Of Panel Blinds

5 Smart Utilisation Of Panel Blinds

For any residential or commercial place, curtains and blinds play a crucial part. Without the addition of curtains and blinds, any establishment appears empty. The addition of curtains and blinds doesn’t only tie the place together, and make it appear more presentable but it also adds practical value. One of the prime purposes of hanging any kind of blind is to ensure your privacy remains protected and effective light control. These days, panel blinds are making all the buzz when it comes to blinds and rightfully so. While they do the work aesthetically perfect, these panel blinds also do the work efficiently.
There are 5 places where you can position panel blinds to reap their maximum benefit.

1. Doors

Panel blinds are most commonly used as a window covering for sliding glass doors, patio doors, or French doors. Doors, like windows, come in all shapes and sizes, and by selecting a custom width and height, you can easily ensure the ideal amount of coverage. Panel blinds, which are typically installed as a wall mount, can open from either side of the centre, providing multiple layout options for different types of doors and varying room layouts.

2. Huge Windows

Oversized picture windows can benefit from a panel track blind as well as doors with windows. An inside mount blind will fit perfectly within the window frame. Alternatively, if you don’t want to lose any of your views, go with an outside mount. Those beautiful views are preserved by accounting for the extra width required for the stack of panels to completely clear the window when opened.

3. Patio Windows

Patio windows, while letting in a lot of light and allowing you to enjoy the serene view outside, it also creates a gap in your privacy. Patio windows are an ideal location for panel blinds, why? Well, patio windows can run wide in some houses, and panel blinds allow you to cover the whole area beautifully. With panel blinds, you can easily cover the patio window to preserve your privacy. The panels of the panel blind can be maneuvered and stacked as per your preference to allow you a certain degree of view.

4. Closet

Another application for panel track blinds is as an alternative to closet doors. They provide coverage while also adding colour and texture to a functional space. Hallway closets that house washing machines and dryers, as well as closets in bedrooms, home offices, and playrooms, are all places where you can replace unsightly or broken heavy wooden closet doors with sleek, lightweight panels.

5. Partition for Home

Panel tracks can be mounted on the ceiling to act as a flexible room divider in addition to doors and windows. The panels glide back and forth on a track to create a functional space division. Sheer material will create a sense of openness while still acting as a divider. Woven wood or a heavier fabric will provide more privacy and a sense of separation.

Thus, panel blinds can be used in smart ways to bring out most of their functionality, while retaining a sense of aesthetic appeasement. Panel blinds are not just great for a residential place, but it is also a great addition in commercial places. It can be used for home offices too to create and distinguish between your residential area and office area. Thereby, panel blinds are extremely utility friendly when used smartly.

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