Curtains and Sheers

Curtains and Sheers will not just add an elegant finishing touch to your home – they also offer a host of practical benefits. If you are searching for curtains and sheers Perth, we’re proud to showcase the Westcoast Blinds WA range.

Our range of blockout curtains includes a huge selection of beautiful fabrics, colours and styles. Whatever your requirements, whether for your home or commercial premises, you’re sure to find the answers at Westcoast Blinds WA.

Your choice of styles and tracks

At Westcoast Blinds WA, we’re confident that we have all the options covered for curtains in Perth. You can choose from slimline or decorator tracks as well as the full range of curtain styles, including:

  • Triple pinch pleat
  • Reverse box pleat
  • S-fold
  • Wave
  • U-pleat

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    Benefits of Curtains and Sheers

    • Control Light Levels
      Protection against the harsh Australian sun during the day and minimising outside light with blockout curtains to ensure darkness at night
    • Enhanced Climate Control

      Curtains and sheers enhance shading and insulation in your home or workplace, which will help to manage both the heat of summer and the winter chills

    • Help to Cut Your Energy Bills

      Properly installed curtains and sheers can significantly reduce your need to rely on costly air conditioning or heating, so your energy bills will be lower

    • Noise Insulation

      If you live in a busy area or close to a main road, curtains and sheers can make a big difference to noise levels

    • Add Real Value to Your Home

      Well-chosen curtains and sheers are a genuine investment in your most important asset

    • Security

      By adding another barrier to windows or doors, curtains and sheers can play a part in improving the security of your home or workplace