Patio & Café Blinds

At Westcoast Blinds WA we recommend the Ziptrak system as the perfect outside blinds option. There are several systems of this blind on the market, but we consider Ziptrak blinds, to be one of the best options for outdoor blinds. Ziptrak blinds are a perfect shading solutions to any outdoor entertaining area

There are no zips, ropes or pulleys – the blind is anchored using a unique track guided blind system. It is an external type, heavy duty roller blind which can be stopped in any position. There are many weave mesh colours available, also offering you varying levels of openness which will help control light, heat, wind and rain. It comes with optional headbox and can be motorised.
So simple and quick to open and close, anyone can do it!

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds stop and stay in any position without locks using a special spring balance system. For extra ease of use, Ziptrak® is also available with remote operated electric motor, making a simple process even easier!

trusted solution for outdoor protection. Ziptrak® blinds do not use chains, ropes or pulleys. Instead they use a patented spring-track system which allows the blinds to glide smoothly up and down, and to stop in any position. Ziptrak® blinds are available in wide range of colours as well as clear or tinted PVC and there is also the option of remote-controlled motorised operation.

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    Endless Possibilities

    • Wide range of quality fabrics and materials allow you to use your outdoor areas all year round
    • Outdoor shade material
    • Taut and Flat – ideal for signage!
    • All Weather Protection

    Patio blinds in Perth must meet a high level of durability for harsh weather conditions. Ziptrak® outdoor window blinds have a solution for your home or business to guard against high winds, heat and sun as well as UV rays, and cold weather.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Ziptrak® helps you cut down on energy use by keeping areas WARMER IN WINTER and COOLER IN SUMMER. Continually pushing for new ways to stay ‘green’, Ziptrak®’s motors are optionally solar powered to help reduce your global footprint.

    The Ziptrak® unit can be supplied using a PVC Screen:

      • Completely rain and wind proof surface
      • High quality PVC for clear views beyond
      • Perfect for maintaining warmth within
      • Clear and tinted PVC is a popular option for many people and businesses.
      • Premium Locking Base Rail
          Why Choose Ziptrak® Alfresco Blinds installed by Westcoast Blinds WA

          • Large selection of colours
          • All weather protection
          • Environmentally friendly
          • Make your ‘alfresco’ usable 24/7

    Selected information provided by Ziptrak®

    Visit our Gallery to see some installations of our Ziptrak blinds, patio blinds and café blinds in Perth.


    Our blinds comply with the mandatory national standard as set out by


    2-year factory warranty on all blinds and installation (terms and conditions apply)