Outdoor blinds

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    Patio & Café Blinds

    trusted solution for outdoor protection. Ziptrak® blinds do not use chains, ropes or pulleys. Instead they use a patented spring-

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Benefits of Outdoor Blinds
  • Protection Against Weather All year protection against the elements. Outdoor blinds provide shade and keep out heat, wind and rain
  • Insect Deterrent The unwelcome guests at every barbecue… outdoor blinds help to manage those pesky gate crashers.
  • Reduced Costs Reduced energy bills and environmentally responsible – with more usable outdoor space, you’ll use less air conditioning.
  • Aesthetics A stylish addition to your home which will add value when the time comes to sell
  • Privacy Enhanced privacy for your home or business

Want to know more? For more detailed information on Ziptrak® blinds, please go to our Outdoor/Patio/Cafe Blinds page. There you’ll also find a link to book a free in-home measure and quote.


Our blinds comply with the mandatory national standard as set out by www.productsafety.gov.au.


2-year factory warranty on all blinds and installation (terms and conditions apply)

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