Battle of The Window Blinds: Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds

Battle of The Window Blinds: Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds
5th January, 2023
Battle of The Window Blinds: Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds

Battle of The Window Blinds: Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds

Comparing Indoor Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds available from Westcoast Blinds WA.

We all know that in the Perth climate, especially with the strong afternoon sun, it is essential to have indoor blinds in our home. They help keep the temperature stable, protect your furniture and floors from fading powers of the sunshine, and all together make your home more comfortable. As a homeowner in Perth, you therefore need to decide which kind of blind best suits the style of your house décor, and your practical needs. Do you prefer simple minimalism or detailed decadence? Do you want your blinds to tone in with your home, or make a style statement? To aid you in this decision, this article will be comparing two popular styles of blinds, Indoor Roller blinds and Roman blinds.

Firstly, if you want to get an idea of the choices available at Westcoast Blinds WA in Perth, or just have a peek at what the different styles look like before we begin, please take a look at our website’s Indoor Roller Blind page and Roman Blind page.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that go into making a decision about indoor blinds.
Practical Needs:


One of the most important things to take note of when choosing our blinds, is your budget, and the price points you feel comfortable with.

In terms of comparing the price point for the base models of each, Roman blinds are slightly more expensive that the Indoor Roller blind option.


Both Indoor Roller blinds and Roman blinds are safe to have in your home with children. All of Westcoast Blinds WA installations comply with the safety guidelines as laid out by both the West Australian Government and Federal Government. Check out their website for more information on these guidelines.


Both Indoor Roller blinds and Roman blinds can be made with light-filtering or block out effects. However, with Roman blinds you cannot have both effects in the same installation. With Indoor Roller blinds, you can install ‘Dualor double’ Roller blinds.

The Dual Roller blinds fit two different types of, one of the inside that is a blackout blind, protecting from the sun, giving complete privacy or helping keeping heat in or out your home, and another facing the outside, which may be in a Screen or light filtering fabric so that you can have the best of both worlds. With this option, you can more carefully control the amount of light that is allowed. With Roman blinds, there is perhaps less flexibility.


Contemporary Roman blinds provide excellent insulation. The tradition for these blinds used to be that they would come unlined, and were mostly used for beach houses. However, they can now be created with many fabrics of your choosing. The thicker nature of the Roman blinds, and the way that they fit the window, tends to mean that the insulation properties are good.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Indoor Roller blinds are slightly easier to clean and maintain, as they are a somewhat simpler design, running straight with no seams. Roman Blinds can take slightly longer to clean, as the grooves that fold upwards can collect dust. However, both mechanism come with a two-year warranty at Westcoast BlindsWA in Perth, therefore you needn’t worry about taking on your own maintenance if something were to get tangled or go wrong with your blinds.


Both Indoor Roller blinds and Roman blinds provide a similar level of privacy when drawn. Generally, you will not be able to see through translucent or light filtering indoor blinds. This way, you gain that lovely feeling of having the sunshine in, whilst keeping your home as a safe, private space for you to relax in.

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