Curtains Vs Blinds: Which Is Right For You?

Curtains Vs Blinds: Which Is Right For You?
30th March, 2023
Curtains Vs Blinds: Which Is Right For You?

Curtains Vs Blinds: Which Is Right For You?

Curtains or blinds? Whether moving into a new house or apartment or upgrading an existing home or property, it’s one of the most common décor questions of them all.

Quality window coverings are a solid investment in your home. For those considering curtains and blinds in Perth, Westcoast Blinds WA is here to help you make the best possible choices.
Blinds / Shutters

Available in a huge range of sizes and materials, blinds and shutters are excellent for managing light and increasing privacy. They also provide protection from the harsh effects of the Australian sun. Modern blinds come in attractive, high-performance fabrics and materials which provide UV protection and fire retardancy. Fabrics range from

translucent to block-out, depending on your requirements.

Shutters are durable and weather resistant fixed blinds. They are also free of cords – an important safety attribute, particularly for children.

Curtains enhance insulation in your home. When lined and hung close to the window and all the way to the floor they help to reduce heat loss – and energy costs – more effectively than blinds or shutters. Curtains also help to frame a window and add visual interest to a room.
How to choose – our Top 3 Decision Factors

Ultimately, the choice of curtains or blinds comes down to personal taste. However, we believe that carefully considering these 3 factors will help you to make the best decision possible.

The Room

Think carefully about the room (or other space). Factors to consider include:

Size – curtains and sheers can look great in larger rooms, whereas blinds or shutters may be better for smaller


  • Ambient light – how much, and from which directions?
  • What is the room used for?
  • Placement of furnishings

The Windows

Windows come in all shapes, sizes and positions. Floor to ceiling glass or French doors in large rooms may lend themselves to curtains, while small or street-facing windows may be better served by shutters or blinds. It’s also important to understand exactly where and how the curtain or blinds hardware will be fitted and where they will stack when open.

Light Control

How important is control of light going to be? For example, a bedroom may require complete light blockout, which may not be as important in other rooms, such as a dining room or kitchen. Where complete blockout is needed, curtains or cassette type blinds often provide the better solution. Spaces in your home with hybrid uses, such as a living room which also serves as a media room, may be better suited to single or double blinds.
Our Range of Curtains and Blinds

Westcoast Blinds WA is proud to showcase our wide array of quality curtains, blinds and shutters. Click on the links below for more information on our range.

  • Curtains and Sheers
  • Blockout Blinds
  • Indoor Blinds
  • Outdoor Blinds
  • Roller Shutters

For these and many more options, drop into our Clarkson showroom to view our full range, or contact us and we’ll bring our mobile showroom to you.

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