How Can You Wash Curtains In A Washing Machine?

How Can You Wash Curtains In A Washing Machine?
12th February, 2024
How Can You Wash Curtains In A Washing Machine?

Any room style is instantly upgraded with curtains. They serve as the final detail that brings the entire design of the room together. With their varied colours, patterns, textures, and capacity to alter the way light enters the space, they also contribute to the creation of a distinctive room mood. When you are buying curtains from a trusted seller in Perth, you are in the good mood – to keep the same going, its necessary to clean and wash them.

They add a distinct touch to the space and work well as dirt magnets. When cleaning your home, it’s natural to focus on the floor and furnishings first, but don’t forget about the curtains—if they’re not cleaned, they might make you feel more uncomfortable. Large and thick curtains might be difficult to clean by hand, but we have some trustworthy advice to make the process go more smoothly.

Here are some tips for keeping your curtains clean and in good condition using various cleaning techniques.

How Frequently Should Your Curtains Be Laundered Using A Washing Machine?

Depending on where they are, curtains can often be cleaned every three to six months. It is strongly advised that you wash your curtains more frequently if they are exposed to dust and other outside factors. To keep your curtains looking great for longer, stick to a weekly dusting program and a regular room cleaning schedule.

How to Wash Curtains in A Washing Machine?

Fortunately, the process is made easier by the fact that many curtains are machine washable. However, as certain curtains need to be professionally dry cleaned, we strongly advise reading the care label before using a washing machine.

You can machine wash cotton, nylon, polyester, and other non-delicate materials, including unlined curtains. Here’s how to use a washing machine to self-clean your curtains:

The following supplies are needed:

  • White Paper Towels
  • Mesh Bags,
  • Mild Detergent
  • Cold Water
  • Curtain Fabric Tester

Be sure the fabric is colourfast by doing a spot test on it before tossing your curtains in the washing machine. To test them on a noticeable region, take some water and a small amount of mild detergent. Check to check whether the colour of the curtain has transferred by blotting the treated area with a fresh white paper towel or cloth. If there isn’t any, you can wash your curtain without worrying about colour bleeds.

If during your test some pigments get transferred to the white fabric, you can still use a moderate cycle in the washing machine to clean your curtains. Avoid washing your curtains with other types of fabric to avoid colour bleeds.

Take Off the Hardware from Your Curtains.

Once the washing machine is running, remove any curtain attachments to avoid metal-on-metal damage.

For delicate items, use a mesh bag.

It is useful to place the fabrics inside a mesh bag before putting your machine-washable curtains in the washer if they are made of more delicate materials. This could lessen the strain and danger of fraying, shrinking, and other harm that the machine cycle could bring about.

When Cleaning Your Curtains, Use A Mild Detergent.

Regardless of whether your curtains are colourfast or not, use mild detergents to maintain the fabric’s quality. Ultimately, you don’t want the colours in your curtains to fade, stretch, or shrink. Use cold water as well to keep stains from adhering to your curtains. This may also stop the fabric from shrinking.

Choose a Moderate Cycle.

Selecting a mild cycle while washing your curtains’ textiles is the most efficient approach to cleaning them without sacrificing their quality. Dust and stains from curtains can already be effectively removed by a moderate cycle without overly straining the fabric.

Make Sure Your Curtains Are Dry.

Since curtains are heavy when they collect water, drying them might be difficult. To help your curtains dry more quickly, try this easy fix: put them in the dryer. To preserve the quality and colour of the fabric, maintain the temperature below 30 degrees Celsius and read the care label to determine if your curtain is safe to dry in a dryer. Keep in mind that overdrying materials can result in creases.

To ensure that your curtains have enough air circulation, you can hang them and let them air dry thereafter. Before ironing and rehanging your curtains, make sure they have completely dried out.

Apply a Flat Iron if Required

To bring back the attractive appearance of your curtains, use a flat iron.

Don’t overlook your curtains when doing a regular house cleaning or updating your interior decor. They provide elegance to your home, but they also require maintenance. The simplest method is to use a washing machine to clean your curtains. If your fashionable window treatments are installed correctly, you’ll undoubtedly experience a more pleasant and fresher atmosphere.

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