How Do You Know The Outdoor Blinds Are Waterproof?

How Do You Know The Outdoor Blinds Are Waterproof?
25th May, 2023
How Do You Know The Outdoor Blinds Are Waterproof?

Outdoor blinds are well-known and adored for their fantastic sun and glare protection. But how do they fare in the rain? Let’s investigate. Prioritising a robust and useful system that will offer a long-lasting shade solution is crucial when selecting outdoor blinds for your residence or place of business in Perth.

Will Outdoor Blinds Keep the Rain Out?

Outdoor blinds do offer some rain protection, but not much. An outdoor blind’s principal function is to absorb heat and screen the sun’s UV rays, hence they aren’t intended to be entirely watertight. The majority merely resist water. Although they will shield you from light rain, we advise rolling up your blinds during heavy downpours to prevent prolonged exposure.

The Type of Fabric

The amount of airflow, water flow, and visibility you will experience depends on one of four fabric grades:

  • 94% Block Out – The most popular material for bespoke outdoor blinds is 94% Block Out, which offers good weather protection while allowing for a reasonably transparent view. If you reside near the coast and witness a south-westerly storm or heavy rainstorm in Perth, you may experience a light mist during windy and wet weather.
  • 99% Block Out – With a 1% permeability, water practically never gets through. Although there may be moisture inside, rain won’t spray in. This material is highly popular for coastal homes with ocean views, but the drawback is that less light can get through and the view is slightly more obscured.
  • 100% Block Out – Usually made of canvas, this will completely block out any view while also preventing 100% of water penetration. The canvas is available in a variety of colours and is still a soft but long-lasting home furnishing. The interior space may become more humid due to a lack of airflow.
  • Plastic – Found frequently in cafes and other commercial locations, plastic blinds are available in clear and tinted colours like bronze and smoked. The enclosed space will frequently suffer from excessively high humidity, even if they do prevent all water penetration and permit a smooth view of the outside. These are currently more commonly used in commercial applications than in residential ones.

Because of the material used, outdoor blinds effectively block rain and don’t hold much water on the surface. This guarantees that your blinds won’t grow noticeably heavier even when wet, preventing motor performance difficulties. The best option for protection against heavy rain is outdoor roller shades. Only a small amount of water can seep through your blinds thanks to the material’s specially crafted holes, which block raindrops.

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