How Sheer Curtains Add Elegance to Perth Homes

How Sheer Curtains Add Elegance to Perth Homes
20th March, 2023
How Sheer Curtains Add Elegance to Perth Homes

How Sheer Curtains Add Elegance to Perth Homes

Soft lighting in every room with sheer curtains

Some interior design trends are destined to never go out of style. Instead they are constantly reinvented to complement and accentuate evolving fashions.

Sheer curtains are one of those home décor features that will never disappear. In fact they are the perfect feature in almost every room, creating a soft wash of light for timeless elegance.

Beautiful light with privacy

Let the afternoon sun warm your bedroom or living room without letting passers-by see in or wake up to a romantic morning light in the comfort of a cool bedroom.

Sheer curtains are perfect in Perth because they filter out heat and distribute a romantic, even light. High quality fabric like ours won’t fade in the sun, so you can stay comfortable and have peace on mind on many fronts.

Plus you don’t lose your views when the sheers are drawn. They soften the link between inside living and the outside world while allowing you to comfortably relax and withdraw from the world for a moment.

For added privacy once the sun disappears and you switch on the light, pair sheer curtains with a heavier fabric to completely block out light. As an added bonus, it means you can sleep in without being disturbed by the sun’s light or heat.
Styled to suit your Perth home

Here at Westcoast Blinds WA we are big believers in the way window treatments accentuate your home’s style, complementing furnishings without being overstated.

Sheer curtains are available in a range of colours from the classic white, to muted greys and charming pastels. They can be installed on a slimline or decorator track, in your choice of 5 pleats:

  • Triple pinch pleat
  • Reverse box pleat
  • S-fold
  • Wave
  • U-pleat

You can even choose a complementary or contrasting pelmet fabric to complete the look.

We can pair sheer curtains with a huge range of heavier duty curtains for total privacy when you need it or install them alone to filter light in your favourite room.
How to choose your favourite sheers

Sheers are the ideal accessory for every interior design style. They are timeless, elegant, versatile and – above all else – luxurious without being obtuse.

Although we are living in quite uncertain times, we are still able to help you with a free measure and quote (virtually if required!) and work with you to find the perfect colour, style and configuration to suit any room. Contact us today for more information.

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