How Should You Clean And Maintain Outdoor Blinds?

How Should You Clean And Maintain Outdoor Blinds?
2nd August, 2023
How Should You Clean And Maintain Outdoor Blinds?

Learn how to maintain and clean outdoor blinds when you enhance your outdoor space to ensure that they last as long as possible. Outdoor blinds’ resistance to the elements is one of its main advantages.

But this also means that they are frequently exposed to abrasive elements including sunlight, wind, rain, and hail. Fortunately, by following the care and maintenance recommendations below, you can lessen the effects of the weather and increase the lifespan of the outdoor blinds you have bought from a reputed store in Perth.

1) Keeping The Outdoor Blinds Clean

Cleaning both sides of your outdoor blinds regularly is the best method to maintain them and keep them looking their best. Additionally, cleaning your outdoor blinds frequently eliminates the need to employ more abrasive techniques to get rid of difficult stains or dirt buildup.

When you purchase outdoor blinds, we advise using the following method to clean them:

  • Use water and a gentle cloth to clean the fabric. You might also gently rinse the blinds with cold water using your hose.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge and mild, soapy water to clean the material if any dirt buildup is still present.

Before rolling up the blinds, remove any remaining soap with fresh water, clean them with a soft, dry cloth, and allow them to fully dry in the open air.

It’s crucial to remember that if you store your blinds while they’re still moist, the product may become damaged by mildew or rust on the mechanics. Insecticides, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals should also be avoided from coming into contact with the fabric of the blinds as this could seriously harm the fabric surface.

2) Consistent Outdoor Blind Upkeep

Regular maintenance, in addition to keeping your outdoor blinds clean, can extend the life of your outdoor blinds. Here are some recommendations for maintaining outdoor blinds:

Remove Stains –
Stains should always be eliminated as soon as they surface. To remove the stains from the fabric gently, use a soft cloth and a dilute solution of household detergent in warm water. Once the stain has been removed, rinse the fabric with fresh water.

Check For Mildew –
During very humid weather, mildew might develop on your outdoor blinds. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away the mold before rinsing the fabric and allowing it to air dry outside.

Maintain The Form Of Your Outdoor Blinds –
Regularly inspect for any problems affecting the fabric or operation of the blinds, such as minor tears or indications of wear and tear.

When There Are Gusty Winds Or Storms, Secure The Blinds –
Keep your outdoor blinds from wrinkling or losing their shape by not leaving them rolled up for an extended period. Unwind and hold your blinds in a posture of good tension for a few hours at least once a week to prevent them from losing shape.

Keep The Blinds Secured When Winds And Storms Are Raging On –
When there are gusts of wind or storms, roll up the blinds and fasten them carefully to prevent damage. Once the storm is over, you can open them up to completely dry.

Your outdoor blinds should be cleaned and maintained regularly, especially if they are exposed to Western Australia’s extreme weather conditions. But buying top-notch outdoor blinds is more crucial than cleaning. So, whether you need them to safeguard your outdoor restaurant patio or create a lovely and comfortable outdoor place, we have you covered.

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