How Should You Pair Curtains and Sheers To Derive Maximum Comfort?

How Should You Pair Curtains and Sheers To Derive Maximum Comfort?
8th December, 2023
How Should You Pair Curtains and Sheers To Derive Maximum Comfort?

Combined curtains and sheers are becoming more and more popular in Perth, making bedrooms more fashionable and cozy than ever. We are not surprised by it. Sheers beautifully distil light while maintaining your view and looking great. When it comes to blockout performance, sheers do require assistance, particularly if you want total control over temperature, light, and privacy. For some homes, blockout roller blinds are an affordable option, but they aren’t always useful in larger areas. If given the option, we would always suggest the most fashionable and efficient solution—a combination of sheers and curtains purchased from reputed sellers in Perth.

Without sacrificing style, you can effortlessly combine your favourite sheers and curtains to get the best of both worlds in terms of temperature, light, and privacy control.

Our easy-to-fit bracket and track system, which can be ordered for face or top fix positioning, makes installing combined curtains and sheers even easier. With the included hand wands to control the smooth gliding movement in your track, daily operation is also a breeze.

We always advise installing combined sheers and curtains at the back, closest to the glass, for optimal comfort and style. Closing the space between the cloth and the glass improves blockout effectiveness and lessens the strain on the extension brackets. Your sheers will naturally sit at the front when combined curtains and sheers are installed on the back, giving you all day to enjoy their superior appearance and effective light-filtering capabilities!

Your ideal curtain and the sheer combination can be paired in a variety of ways, such as complementary (or contrasting) weaves, colour matching, texture or pattern blending, or both. Since our curtains are made to last the lifetime of your house, we encourage our customers to take the time to test out several options before placing an order because it’s fun to find the ideal solution.

There are countless alternatives for window treatments to complement the design and functionality of any bedroom. Use traditional block-out curtains with sheers behind them for a stylish yet understated look. White shutters always look great for a classic style. You could install timber or black shutters for a contemporary look. With their softer effects, curtains and sheers together provide versatile light control. From different angles, the sheer and curtains both have incredible features and advantages. Layering sheer curtains with curtains will give you both flair and practicality.

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