How Should You Take Care Of Plantation Shutters And Keep Them Clean?

How Should You Take Care Of Plantation Shutters And Keep Them Clean?
21st June, 2023
How Should You Take Care Of Plantation Shutters And Keep Them Clean?

Blinds are an essential component of every house. Any room may look more attractive with the correct blinds while still being protected from heat and other outside disturbances. However, few individuals are knowledgeable on how to correctly clean plantation shutters when it comes to upkeep. Plantation shutters have the advantage of not requiring a lot of maintenance. Regular maintenance will prevent your shutters from deteriorating over time.

The lifespan of plantation shutters can be increased by learning proper cleaning techniques. You could have inquiries concerning the goods, the cleaning procedure, and other topics. For you to be able to preserve their immaculate appearance for the duration of their existence, we have developed this important advice on how to clean plantation shutters you have bought from a reputed store in Perth.

This manual will explain to you how to take care of your plantation shutters and what to avoid doing.


There are several methods for cleaning dust from your blinds. Utilising a feather duster is the first option. Duster between each blind, top and bottom, with caution. To clean your shutters, you can alternatively choose to use a dry towel.

Attach the upholstery attachment to your vacuum if you have one at home. After that, move the attachment along the shutters to clear them of any debris. Any debris that spills on the floor can be cleaned up with a vacuum.

A Bonus Tip:

Did you know that dryer sheets can keep dust from adhering to your window shutters? Run a dryer sheet over the shutter’s top and bottom. The future accumulation of dust will be lessened.

Dirt & Grime

The dirt and grime on your shutters may be removed with ease. Fill a bowl with water, and then add some white vinegar. Combine water and vinegar, part by part.

Take a cloth or even an unused, clean sock and dip it in the solution once it is ready. The fabric should just be slightly damp, not dripping. Typically, plantation shutters are made of wood. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your shutters free of excess moisture. The timber is harmed by any extra water. Your cloth should therefore be just barely moist.

Slowly glide the towel or sock over the blinds. Any dirt or grime stains on the surface should be eliminated by the solution. Keep a second cloth close by to use if your blinds are excessively dirty. Cleanse your cloth or sock thoroughly. Once it happens, you will know the work is done.

An environmentally friendly all-purpose cleanser is white vinegar. It’s also simple to locate in any house. Learning how to clean plantation shutters will make you grasp how inexpensive this is.

Be Conscious of Your Environment

One thing to keep in mind is that various areas of the house will require various levels of cleaning. Grease, food scraps and other types of dirt and grime can quickly accumulate on shutters in the kitchen, bathroom and dining areas. These areas should be weekly cleaned.

What to Avoid?

It’s simple to make mistakes when learning how to clean plantation shutters. But by taking advice from the pros, you can steer clear of some major blunders. These are the three simple guidelines to keep in mind:

• Don’t use water

You should keep water away from wood shutters, as we briefly discussed earlier. The wood becomes deformed or even discoloured as a result of water.

• Steer Clear Of Strong Cleaning Agents

Liquid cleansers typically contain a variety of chemical components that could degrade the state of your blinds. White vinegar is a preferable option, yet even this remedy is only suggested when the blinds are extremely unclean.

• Frequently Clean Your Blinds

You eliminate the need for frequent usage of liquid cleaners when you establish a routine of dusting your blinds once a week. As much as possible, plantation shutters should be protected from moisture.

How Are Different Types Of Plantation Shutters Cleaned?

Aluminium, wood, faux wood, and vinyl can all be used to make shutters. Different types of shutters require essentially the same cleaning procedure. During the cleaning process, your plantation shutters should be closed as flatly as possible. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom of each slat. People frequently overlook cleaning the windowsill as well. Don’t forget to thoroughly wipe the windowsill.

Don’t forget to rotate and clean the slats as well. Your plantation shutters require a technique to clean them. But if you establish a cleaning routine, your house will be a lovely reflection of it. Choose a wood polish or lemon oil for real wood shutters. The components of these solutions should maintain the wood’s inherent qualities.

Your shutters’ appearance will be maintained with regular cleaning. You might want to think about other options now that you know how to clean plantation shutters. Plantation shutters need varied amounts of careful loving care, depending on the material you choose, to stay clean and hold up for years without the danger of paint chipping or fading. Fortunately, maintaining your shutters won’t consume a lot of your day; only a few quick measures are required to keep them looking clean.

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