How to Clean And Care For Outdoor Blinds in Perth

How to Clean And Care For Outdoor Blinds in Perth
25th March, 2023
How to Clean And Care For Outdoor Blinds in Perth

How to Clean And Care For Outdoor Blinds in Perth

Patio blinds live a tough life in Perth. They withstand long hours of sunlight, dusty breezes and winter rains – not to mention the odd bird dropping!

It might surprise you that cleaning outdoor blinds is actually very easy. Here at Westcoast Blinds WA we choose our materials carefully to suit west coast conditions.

Our range of Ziptrak® blinds are stylish, functional and incredibly hardwearing. Here’s a quick rundown on care and cleaning for WA’s favourite outdoor blinds:
Ziptrak® blinds

How to clean outdoor clear plastic blinds

Café blinds are usually made from clear or lightly tinted PVC plastic. While the durable material is great for keeping out the elements, it is also slightly porous. Over time dust and grime can build up.

If you notice flecks or streaks on your blind, it’s time to give them a clean.

  • Wash with warm water and mild detergent
  • Use a soft cloth with no abrasive surface to clean outdoor blind straps and plastic
  • Never use harsh chemicals like cleaning fluids, bleach or garden sprays
  • Swiftee® blind cleaner provides an effective dust layer during cleaning

Sunscreen mesh outdoor blind

If you’ve opted for a sunscreen mesh blind for an added layer of sun protection, you’d know they are made of tougher stuff than PVC. We recommend using a soft cloth with soapy tap water to get the longest life from your outdoor blinds in Perth.

  • Never use turpentine or harsh cleaning agents
  • Use regular tap water, not bore water
  • High pressure hoses can damage the fabric – use a normal hose pipe
  • Use a non-staining Silicone spray – spray down both the insides of the channel.

Tips to care for patio blinds

The great thing about Ziptrak® patio blinds is there are no ropes, pulleys or zips to maintain. Not only are they a pain to clean but they are usually the first part of your blinds to deteriorate and break.

Instead Ziptrak® outdoor blinds glide smoothly along sealed tracks, using a weighted spring system to hold them in place which makes them simple to care for:

Fully rolling down blinds keeps them taught against wind
No need to lock or unzip if you want to let a breeze flow in
Ensure PVC blinds and mesh screens are fully dry before rolling up
Clean bird droppings asap to make life easier later

Looking for a better outdoor blind in Perth? The answer is clear: contact Westcoast Blinds WA to get a free quote on Ziptrak® ready made outdoor blinds.

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