How to Clean Window Shutters

How to Clean Window Shutters
14th February, 2023
How to Clean Window Shutters

How to Clean Window Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most favorite type of window treatments. They are energy efficient, can control the amount of light that enters in your home, and can provide you with privacy at home. Unlike curtains, window shutters are easy to maintain and clean.

It is important to clean your plantation shutters especially if these are always exposed to dust and natural elements. Simply passing a feather duster over them may not work because it just spreads the dirt around. Instead, a soft cloth and a vacuum are the ideal tools for regular cleaning. Opt for polyester fibers and spongy brushes to which the dust will stick. The vacuum should have brush attachments that can reach the farthest corners of your window shutters. Once a month vacuuming will be sufficient.
Cleaning Plastic or Vinyl Window Shutters

Due to their design, plastic or vinyl window shutters are waterproof, which is why you find them in bathrooms or near wash areas. This style of window shutter is fitted with loose pin hinges that enable you to raise the slats off the movable mechanism, for easier cleaning. Once removed from the frame, place the panels in a tub for washing or use the garden hose if you want to dismantle the shutters. Otherwise, simply wipe each panel with the soft rag soaked in warm water and ordinary detergent. Allow the panes to dry for at least an hour or two.

Cleaning Composite Window Shutters

Follow the same procedures for composite window shutters. An aluminum window shutter uses more expensive materials. Nevertheless, the material is very resilient and not difficult to maintain, similar to how one cleans venetian blinds. All you need is to dust the window shutters once in a while. It is advisable to detach the covers from the window shutter every two years and wash thoroughly with soap and water. Put some grease on the hinges before

replacing to prevent rusting.
What to Avoid When Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Window shutters made of wood are generally highly-resistant to water. However, the rods may get twisted if these are exposed to moisture for a long time. The finish will splinter and deteriorate faster than you might expect. Therefore, to preserve their quality, simply wipe down the boards with a damp and clean piece of cloth. Never use polishing substances or abrasive cleaners for all kinds of window shutters.

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