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Make The Most of The Australian Summer With Custom Retractable Fly Screens

January 30, 2020

Make The Most of The Australian Summer With Custom Retractable Fly Screens

Summer is well and truly here, and in classic West Aussie fashion we are in for a sweltering season. When the house goes quiet you can hear the familiar sounds of summer in Perth: cicadas calling the evening, kids splashing in pools, backyard BBQs sizzling and plenty of insects taking flight.

What if we told you there was a way to let the fresh afternoon sea breeze in to cool your home without welcoming hordes of flies and mosquitoes at the same time?

The answer: retractable fly screens. We are seeing an increasing interest in fly screens in Perth because they offer a long list of lifestyle benefits like fresh air flow, pest protection.

The benefits of retractable fly screens in Perth


The temptation to throw open the door on a hot summer day is strong, but what about flies and all of these unwanted bugs? Add a fly screen and enjoy the afternoon sea breeze with peace of mind.

Keep bugs out

Beach season is also fly season, but with a retractable fly screen door you don’t have to worry about uninvited guests when you open the door to let cool air in.

Reduce energy costs

In the face of rising electricity costs, fly screen doors and windows are a great solution for letting in fresh air to cool your home without adding to the power bill.


Transform any living space with a retractable fly screen built specially for your space. Our screens are light and easy to operate, and customisable to suit most styles of doorway.

Fly screens in Perth homes: Where to install them

Fly screen doors have come a long way in recent decades. Far from the single swinging door popular in the 70s and 80s, fly screen doors in Perth are now custom made to suit modern living spaces.

We custom build low-profile screens for Perth houses and apartments in French door, bi-fold and stackable arrangements. Entertain with a flexible indoor/outdoor living space, keep an eye on the kids in the backyard, or simply relax at home with the fresh air and security of retractable fly screens from Westcoast Blinds WA.