Security doors in Perth: 5 things to consider

Security doors in Perth: 5 things to consider
20th January, 2023
Security doors in Perth: 5 things to consider

Security doors in Perth: 5 things to consider

Security doors are a first line of defense against intruders in Perth, but they’re so much more at the same time. In your search for high quality security screens you’ll soon discover the benefits like fresh air flow without compromising on protection, the privacy of one-way vision mesh, and the value they add to your home.

Here are our top 5 tips to narrow your search and make security door installation affordable and efficient:

1. Shop local

Come to Westcoast Blinds WA for your security screen door, this means you get the benefit of working with a team right around the corner from you, this will help get the job done faster, and will ensure the perfect result is achieved..

Coming to Westcoast Blinds WA also means choosing Australian-made security screens. Please note that Imported screens may be cheaper, but the real cost will be felt further down the line when things are not as they should be..

2. Quality certifications

Westcoast Blinds WA install a security screen door that is manufacturer locally and that complied and exceeds all Australian standards, this extends all the way to completion of the insatllation

Westcoast Blinds WA offer a 12-month installation guarantee and 10-year warranty (terms and conditions apply)on all our custom-made security doors. They manufacture right here in Perth using the highest quality materials.

3. High quality hinges and locks

Weak hinges or dodgy locks give intruders an easy way in. Security screen doors should feature specially designed hinges tested to withstand impact. Sliding security doors – as well as hinged – need to feature a multi-point locking system like our 3-point locks to eliminate weak points.
Security doors in Perth: 5 things to consider

4. Weatherproof coating

Security doors in Perth face a unique problem: our weather. To protect against corrosion and fading, make sure to choose a coating that can withstand prolonged exposure. Powder coating is a great option as it provides more protection than paint by reflecting damaging UV rays.

5. Consider customising

Security screen doors shouldn’t be an eyesore while providing security. In fact, we can offer you a whole range of customisation options:

  • Wide range of standard colours, or custom-mixed shade
  • Decorative door styles to suit your home
  • Sliding security door configurations to open living spaces
  • Choice of mesh, grille, and/or film
  • Screen door accessories like pet doors, snib locks, reinforced bolts and more

Protection from the best: Where to find security doors in Perth

Westcoast Blinds WA uses a licenced manufacture to manufacture and to install high quality customised security screen doors in Perth. We focus on making your home secure at an affordable price, using the highest quality materials exceeding Australian Standards, and with personalised service to back it up.

Contact us for a free in-home measure and quote today.

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