Should All Blinds in Your House Match?

Should All Blinds in Your House Match?
20th December, 2022
Should All Blinds in Your House Match?

Should All Blinds in Your House Match?

A common question we get asked at our Westcoast Blinds WA showroom is “Can I mix and match my blinds and window treatments?” and the answer is yes, but it depends on a few important factors in regards to your home design.

Below are some style guides to ensure you get your window treatment look and feel right for your home
Window Function

It’s important to consider what each room in your house is used for, and how the window treatments will impact the room, and choose accordingly. For example, a bedroom may need block out roller blinds, front rooms may need curb side appeal such as timber venetian blinds or shutters and a home office may need adjustable window treatments like venetian blinds or roman blinds that can block sunlight when required.
Home Layout + Design

Many Perth homes are open plan which require the same style of window treatments throughout these open areas, whilst opting for a different style in closed off rooms.
Indoor roller blinds, Timber look venetian blinds or slimline venetian blind are all good options for open plan living.

When it comes to home design, sometimes a same look and feel works well to create a theme through the whole home.

For a natural look, timber blinds throughout creates a warm, earthy feel. Using a common shade of your main home colour throughout also works well, especially when using a pop of colour as a bright accent feature.

If colours don’t suit your home look and feel, white or light cream blinds create a crisp look that works well with a variety of home design styles.

Choose Blinds First!

If you want to match blinds with curtains, it’s important to choose your blinds first. There are so many options of prints and colours when it comes to curtains as well as the different types of blinds. The number one rule is not to pair printed blinds with printed curtains.

Choose your blinds first and then pair them with curtains that compliment them. Popular blinds in Perth tend to be venetian blinds, double roller blinds, indoor roller blinds and blockout roller blinds and can be paired easily with curtains.

Choosing the right type of window treatment, material and colour for each room of your home is easier said than done. When weighing up your choices, we recommend our clients take a tour of their home with screenshots and bring them in to our Westcoast Blinds WA showroom to discuss with one of our experts. This can also be done in your home. We try to have as many of the fabric samples available in our mobile showroom but cannot guarantee that we have everything. We do have a lot more to choose from in the showroom.

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