Should You Go For Vertical Or Horizontal Blinds?

Should You Go For Vertical Or Horizontal Blinds?
9th February, 2022
Should You Go For Vertical Or Horizontal Blinds?

Should You Go For Vertical Or Horizontal Blinds?

Window treatments are important for all kinds of spaces be it residential or commercial. While, one may not pay much heed to a window treatment if it is there, the absence of window treatment certainly makes head turn. Window treatments like blinds are quite popular in most spaces. In the market, you can find blinds made up of different materials – wooden, aluminium, polyester and more. But you can only find two specific types of blinds in the market, either it is vertical blinds or horizontal blinds. Now, the question arises, which kind of blinds should you use?

Is vertical blind more suitable for your need or horizontal blinds, let’s see.

1. Position

The position of the blind plays a key role when it comes to choosing blinds for a place. Depending on the direction of the window, you can select either vertical or horizontal blinds. For windows that face northern and southern directions should opt for horizontal blinds. Whereas, windows that face eastern and western directions, it is better to install vertical blinds.

2. Light Control

When it comes to sun protection and energy efficiency, vertical blinds are your best choice. When it’s too hot outside, broader vertical blind slats block heat while filtering light, keeping the space cool and comfortable. Similarly, they are useful heat savers during the cooler months. In terms of light management and energy efficiency, horizontal blinds fall short of vertical blinds. The reason for this is that sunlight may readily enter through the crevices between the horizontal slats when it shines downward.

3. Privacy

Horizontal blinds are the clear winner in terms of privacy. They create a barrier to spectators and visually block off a room when entirely closed. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, run the danger of blowing or being mistakenly opened, compromising your privacy.

4. Maneuvering

While the slats of the horizontal blinds move up and down. The slats of the vertical blinds maneuver in the left and right directions. Vertical blinds are better for covering large windows. The horizontal blind is better for narrow and small windows, as while maneuvering the panes may shuffle up which can obstruct covering the window properly. Thus, as per your convenience, you can choose between vertical or horizontal blinds.

5. Maintenance

Vertical blinds require less upkeep than horizontal blinds. As the slats are vertically oriented, they accumulate less dirt and can be cleaned quickly by wiping away the dust. Vertical blinds made of vinyl or imitation wood provide moisture resistance as well as reduced wear and tear.

Through the above discussion, you may now know between the horizontal and vertical blinds, which one is better for what purpose. While no blind is outright right or wrong, it is the application that makes it suitable or not.

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