Single or Double Roller Blinds?

Single or Double Roller Blinds?
30th December, 2022
Single or Double Roller Blinds?

Single or Double Roller Blinds?

For many homeowners, it’s tough deciding between single or double roller blinds, so we’ve made it easier for you by compiling a list of the pros and cons of both to help you make a more informed decision that will best suit your home.

What are double roller blinds?

Double roller blinds, also known sometimes as day/night blinds, utilise two fabric layers (fitted to 2 separate aluminium tubes), with one fitted in front of the other. These two independent layers allow for more versatility, for example, a double roller blind is used to incorporate a blackout shade blind whilst also offering a translucent or screen blind that will allow more light into the room.

With double roller blinds, you can raise one of the layers and close the other to adjust the amount of light desired for the room, and this also gives you the option of using different patterns or colours to match the aesthetic of your room.
What are the key features/benefits of double roller blinds?

Control the amount of light

As mentioned previously, double roller blinds have the advantage of customising two different layered fabrics that can offer different levels of light filtration. On the out facing is usually a blockout blind layer for privacy, with the in facing being a sunscreen blind which allows an outside view whilst screening out up to 95% of UV rays and 85% of heat, depending on the fabric chosen.

Well suited to Perth weather

As many of you have experienced, we are regularly treated to many sunny days, it is in fact one of the sunniest capital cities in the world! So with this in mind, the double roller blinds multiple layers can reduce the harsh sunlight whilst still filtering natural sunlight into the room.

A child-friendly option

At Westcoast Blinds WA, our made to measure blinds comply with the mandatory national standard as set out by

Regulate temperature

The block out fabric layer on our double roller blinds also functions as an insulation layer, and they work well to keep the temperature of your household at a comfortable level all year round.

If you happen to live very close to your neighbours, or you have quite large windows that face the street straight on, then getting adequate privacy is a concern, double roller blinds are an excellent solution to this dilemma, especially during daytime when you want some natural light filtering through, but you don’t want the street looking into your room.

Single roller blinds

As is implied in the name, single roller blinds are only utilising one layer of fabric. There is a large range of fabric options available when choosing single roller blinds, to best suit the room requirements, like block out blinds, light-filtering blinds, and sunscreen blinds, etc. With the huge range of fabrics, roller blinds can be supplied to suit all budgets and because of their versatility, these window treatments have become one of the most popular solutions.
The benefits of single roller blinds


Single roller blinds are ideal for many households and are a more affordable economic choice, with the option of choosing the exact fabric you need for the desired room, they are great value for money options.

Attractive design

In addition to providing a low budget option, the single roller blinds can often offer a more attractive design for those that want only one type of pattern or fabric.

Choosing the right matching blinds to suit your home will ultimately come down to your budget and the requirements of the room, if you need more information on what blinds are right for you feel free to give us a call now on 08 9408 6312. Alternatively, if you would like a free quote for our made to measure blinds, get in touch with us here.

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