Spruce Your Space With Window Dressings

Spruce Your Space With Window Dressings
25th February, 2023
Spruce Your Space With Window Dressings

Spruce Your Space With Window Dressings

Windows form an essential portion of all homes for providing ventilation and allowing in natural light, and more importantly a way to view the outdoors. Yet, many us have boring and drab windows in our homes. Today, there are many available window dressings that you can choose from that will not only ensure functionality, but also beauty.
The Importance Of Window Dressings

Window dressings serve a variety of different functions like assisting with insulation, which blocks out the heat from penetrating your home, blocking or allowing light in, providing privacy along with looking attractive. You can also use your window dressings to express your personal style. Some of the choices on option include ultra-modern to ornate-baroque styles, in fact the only limitations would be your imagination or your budget.

Window Dressing Types

There are countless window dressing types to choose from, and the one that you prefer will be dependent on how much work you are prepared to put in or what style you like. A few of the popular styles include:

Venetian Blinds

These come in vertical or horizontal options and are typically made from wood, fabric, aluminum, vinyl or plastic.
Roller Blinds Or Pull Down Shades

Made from either canvas or various other materials, they can be lowered or raised as required. They look plain without any additions but look great with added dressings like sheer curtains.

Curtains come in an extensive fabric range that include polyester, cotton, lace, block-out and more.

Drapes are made from more expensive, more durable and heavier fabrics in comparison to curtains. These fabrics include wool, specialized synthetic fabrics, or silk. Drapes often team up well with sheer and light curtains.

Blinds also come in a variety of choices. The panel-drapes are the type that use panels which slide-across your windows. Other options include honeycomb blinds which work well for insulation, the pleated blinds that feature small-horizontal pleats and the roman blinds that feature tear-drop or flat folds styles.

Using shutters is ideal for privacy, insulation and security. The shutters are generally available in vinyl, aluminum and wood.

Window Dressings And Accessories

Window dressings may work well on their own but work even better when paired with certain accessories. Pairing your window dressings with accessories like pelmets, valances, decorative curtain-rods or tie backs can dramatically improve the overall look for your window dressings, helping you to achieve that “complete” visual appeal and increase the resale value of your home.

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