The Best Indoor Blinds For Every Room in The House

The Best Indoor Blinds For Every Room in The House
30th January, 2023
The Best Indoor Blinds For Every Room in The House

The Best Indoor Blinds For Every Room in The House

Indoor blinds are the ideal solution to comfortably capitalise on Perth’s long daylight hours, warm climate, and famously refreshing afternoon sea breeze. So how do you choose the best blinds for each room? Well, it all depends on how you use the room, and which finishes are the best match for your existing décor.

Here’s our insider guide to finding your ideal indoor blinds in Perth (please note that there are many combinations of window coverings that can be used in each situation, these are just examples of what can be used:

Kitchen: Slimline venetian

Hygiene and easy cleaning are key in the kitchen. Aluminium slimline venetian blinds provide easy cleaning access in even the busiest kitchens. Vertical blinds are also great for letting in soft natural light while still providing privacy. We also offer PVC and solid timber plantation shutters, perfect for airy country kitchens.

Bedroom and living spaces: Indoor Blinds

To make the most of a big bedroom or combined living/bedroom area, Indoor blinds (add link) offer exceptional light control and privacy with a sleek modern aesthetic inside and out. Customise the panel stacking, cassette material, colours and fabrics to suit your space.

Living Room: Roman blinds or motorised roller blinds

Roman blinds give living rooms elegance without compromising on privacy. The soft folds give the appearance of a pillowy pelmet when raised, and with a huge combination of fabrics and trimmings Romans are popular indoor blinds in Perth. For extra convenience, opt for motorised roller blinds that can be remotely operated (even through an App on your phone (an internet / hub connection is required)) without leaving the couch.

Bathroom: Timber plantations

Modern PVC plantation shutters won’t warp, crack or splinter like the old-style shutters they take their name from. Among the most versatile indoor blinds in Perth homes, plantation shutters are well suited to windows and doors alike. Plantations offer privacy when you need it plus control over light and air flow.

Home office: Verticals, venetians or ZeroGravity

Work in comfort with the privacy and convenience of wand-operated verticals. Cost-effective slimline aluminium venetian blinds give you precision light control, while timber-look venetians add a touch of elegance to any office. For larger windows, the innovative ZeroGravity spring technology is great for filtering out unwanted light in style.

Theatre room: ZeroGravity or blockout blinds

Enjoy a good old-fashioned Netflix binge any time with the convenience of ZeroGravity blinds, or choose motorised blockout blinds for extra darkness in your entertainment den.

With so many styles, fabrics and finishes to choose from, it’s understanding your search for indoor blinds in Perth can quickly expand. Westcoast Blinds WA make the choice easy. We supply an almost endless range of custom-made blinds with fabrics to suit every Perth home.

Contact us for a free in-home measure and quote today.

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