Tips on How to Clean Plantation Shutters

Tips on How to Clean Plantation Shutters
10th January, 2023
Tips on How to Clean Plantation Shutters

Tips on How to Clean Plantation Shutters

Window shutters are meant to be both functional and ornamental. You can use either traditional wood or vinyl, but regardless of which one you choose, they will both need regular cleaning to keep them in the best condition. Maintaining and cleaning plantation shutters is fairly easy provided you follow cleaning instructions prescribed by manufacturers.
Wooden Window Shutters

For wooden window shutters, the basic materials include a rag for dusting, a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush accessory, an old toothbrush, and a bottle of wood polish. Wooden window shutters must be cleaned once every week. Wipe away any accumulated dust with the soft rag. Then, vacuum your window shutters to get rid of stubborn dirt. This is where that brush attachment will come in handy. Lastly, use the toothbrush to reach the smallest crannies and corners. You can apply a bit of wood polish afterwards if you prefer. However, do not use water and detergent since this can cause the wood to get deformed.

Vinyl Shutters

A vinyl window shutter variety requires a different cleaning technique. Cleaning for this type of window shutter should be done at least once a week or more often depending on the environment and the presence of flower pollen and/or pet fur.

As with the wood shutters, you’ll also need the same kind of vacuum cleaner and toothbrush. You’ll need a pail, a soft absorbent cloth, a dry towel, some mild detergent, and warm water, as well. Dissolve the dish detergent in a bucket with warm water to create soap suds. The recommended mixture is one teaspoon of detergent for one quart of water. This cleaning technique is similar to how one cleans vertical blinds.
Important Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Shutters

Soak the cloth in the lather and wash your window shutters methodically. Use the second cloth to get rid of excess soap. See to it that you remove all residues as well. Dry the window shutters with the towel and allow air to flow through. Refrain from using solvent chemicals or rough materials on the window shutters, since these can damage the material. Do not rush in cleaning your window shades to preserve the life span of your window shutters. Make sure that you purchase window shutters only from reputable window blinds contractors.

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