Verishades: The Feel of Curtains and the Versatility of Blinds

Verishades: The Feel of Curtains and the Versatility of Blinds
10th March, 2023
Verishades: The Feel of Curtains and the Versatility of Blinds

Verishades: The Feel of Curtains and the Versatility of Blinds

A common difficult interior design choice that many must make when planning their home is the decision between curtains or blinds. For example, do I replace blinds with curtains to filter out light better, but sacrifice versatility? They both have their pros and cons, but there is always a cost to choosing one over the other. Thankfully now you can have both! The solution comes in the form of Verishade blinds, and we at Westcoast Blinds WA have composed a few reasons(in conjunction with Verishade) why Verishade blinds could be the right solution to your curtain or blind installation dilemma.
The features

There are many types of window blinds available, but Verishade blinds give you the best of both worlds-the feel of curtains and the versatility of blinds. The shades are composed of an incredibly soft 100% polyester woven fabric with alternating opaque folds and whether open or closed, they sway out of the way and settle back neatly. The shades can span up to six metres in length and the adjustable wand allows privacy and light blocking, light-filtering, and full sunlight adjustments.

Veri Shades are available in a wide range of different colours and tones and also a range of patterns and fabrics that can be chosen to best suit your home and room style, from a soft white to an autumn charcoal, you can choose from modern geometric meshes, a timeless net design or a sophisticated leaf pattern. The Verishade blinds are made from easy-care fabric that is resistant to fading and soiling. For full technical specifications visit our information page.
Tracks available

With Veri shades, you can choose from a range of track profiles and colours available, our standard track, We don’t do the complete range so have deleted this

The benefits of using Verishade blinds

There are a host of benefits to using Verishade blinds, firstly, they are safe for families with kids as they have no cords to get tangled, the fabric is fire retardant, and has the option to come in a wide range of colours and patterns to best suit your taste.

The unique design of the Veri shade blinds allows for the option of translucent or opaque fabric at the simple turn of the wand, and the twist operation is quick, simple, and safe. Blinds and curtains can only be opened or closed, however, with Veri Shades, you are given the opportunity to simply change between both options.

The shades also have a patented design(Verishade)that allows each fold to fall on its own, this makes it easy to walk in and out of them as they fall back into place. They are easily moved in and out of your windows and doors so you can have full light and view back whenever you feel like it.

So If you’ve found yourself stuck with wondering what to do with an area, and you think that Verishade blinds sound like a solution, feel free to contact us or request a free quote today.

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