What Blinds Should You Install

What Blinds Should You Install
20th February, 2023
What Blinds Should You Install

What Blinds Should You Install

You are in the process of redecorating and have made the decision to replace your old blinds. Replacing them with the same type would be the easiest solution, however, it most likely isn’t the best solution. Instead, the best solution is comparing the kinds of blinds that are currently available and selecting the best blinds for every individual room in your home.

Types of Blinds

The first thing that you need to do is look at the various kind of blinds that are currently available. When you do that it will help you narrow your options down. Some of the types of blinds that you can consider include the following:

  • Motorized blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds

There are other options available to beyond basic kinds of blinds. If you have an interest in Venetian blinds, you will need to decide if you want to get timber look-alike, bamboo, aluminum, PVC or timber Venetians. They are all available and they can all be stylish options for your house.

If you are thinking that roller blinds aren’t stylish enough and too bland for your windows, then you need to think again. That is because modern roller blinds are stylish enough to use in any house and make a suitable replacement for those heavy curtains of yours. There are also patterned roller blinds which have a nice clean appearance and can make a better complement to your decor compared to bulky curtains.

Blinds have been designed traditionally to block all light out when they are fully closed. These days, you have the option of also being able to choose sunscreen blinds that are able to filter harsh light out but also allow you to be able to see outdoors still. They can be perfect if you happen to have a nice view that you would prefer to not have blocked out, but still need to have indoor protection against harsh sunlight.

Selecting blinds may be a larger job that you first thought. An easy way of narrowing your selection down is visiting our photo pages on Blind Design Idea to see how different kinds of blinds look in various settings. Make an inspiration board so that all of your favorite blinds can be save to it. When you are ready to make your final choice, all of your favorite blinds will be right at your fingertips and that will allow you to begin obtaining quotes from various suppliers of blinds.
What Do Blinds Cost?

One of your major considerations will be the cost of the blinds. However, even the highest quality blinds have favorable price comparisons with other kinds of window coverings. Here is a rough guide:

Bonded roller blinds may cost more than $300
Sunscreen and light filtering blinds begin at $75 to $85
Higher quality blockout roller blinds range in cost from $60 to $70

Those prices may be for blinds that are up to 2.4 meters long. However, it will vary depending on your location, quality, and brand. DIY ready-made installation blinds are on the lower end of the pricing spectrum while custom blinds are on the higher end of things. It may be easy to install some kinds of blinds, but if you are installing blinds that have tracking devices or wide blinds, then the best thing to do is have blind installers give you quotes instead of attempting to install them on your own. The installers can measure your doors and windows and perfectly cut the blinds. They will deliver and then install them quickly without leaving a mess behind.

When selecting your blinds, both your outdoor conditions and indoor decor should be considered. If blinds will be installed in a sunny window, then a good choice may be sunscreen blinds. Honeycomb blinds is another option. Honeycomb cellular blinds are quite versatile and have been designed for providing the home with thermal protection. They may be very stylish and there are some of them that come with a bottom up/top down opening system that will let you allow in light from either the bottom or top of the window.

When choosing blinds, there is so much to think about. Fortunately, when selecting modern blinds it’s hard to actually go wrong. Whatever style or type you select, they will look very stylish in your home. Click for more details .

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