Why You Should Install Outdoor Roller Shutters In Perth

Why You Should Install Outdoor Roller Shutters In Perth
25th January, 2023
Why You Should Install Outdoor Roller Shutters In Perth

Why You Should Install Outdoor Roller Shutters In Perth

Roller shutters in Perth have come a long way from the bulky units you might remember on homes in the 80s and 90s. Today’s sleek designs fit snugly on modern homes and business facades, offering a long list of benefits without any unsightly bulk.

And it’s not just the aesthetics that continue to improve. Electric roller shutters provide safety, performance, and back-pocket benefits for Perth home and business owners facing rising electricity costs and increasingly severe weather.
Added security layer

Electric roller shutters are a highly effective intruder deterrent. Made from strong aluminium and measured for millimetre-perfect covering, they are one of the only security measures that acts as tough as it looks.
Energy efficiency

Windows are one of the largest points of heat transfer in any building. Cranking the air conditioning or heating to compensate quickly drives up power bills. Roller shutters drastically limit heat transfer by blocking out the sun’s heat and keeping warm air contained. Not only does this reduce electricity costs, it also maintains the ideal temperature in every room.

Safety from fire and severe weather

Perth is facing wilder weather every year. Protecting your home or business against fires, hail, storms and rain requires tough outdoor roller shutters. Every aluminium roller shutter we install is CSIRO rated to protect against radiant heat in a devastating high category bushfire, in line with Australian Standards (AS 3959) while also guarding against wind, rain and heat.

Keep noise down

Roller shutters in Perth are an effective way to limit noise from outside. Most sound waves are no match for two layers of outdoor aluminium with insulation in between, plus the air gap formed between the shutter and window. Our expert technicians will professionally seal your head unit to further reduce noise leakage, for peace and quiet on the busiest city streets.
Why You Should Install Outdoor Roller Shutters In Perth

Extra privacy

It’s not just noise our roller shutters eliminate. Westcoast Blinds WA roller shutters also give you privacy on demand. It takes just a few seconds to completely block out prying eyes, or you can opt to leave the roller shutters partially open to still enjoy natural light in privacy.

Electric roller shutters from Westcoast Blinds WA

Added security, increased energy efficiency, and complete comfort: electric roller shutters are a win on many fronts. To find out just how affordable our Perth roller shutters are, contact Westcoast Blinds WA today for a free measure and quote and enjoy all the benefits of professionally installed aluminium Roller Shutters.

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