Ziptrak: Outdoor Blinds with No Ropes or Pulleys

Ziptrak: Outdoor Blinds with No Ropes or Pulleys
5th March, 2023
Ziptrak: Outdoor Blinds with No Ropes or Pulleys

Ziptrak: Outdoor Blinds with No Ropes or Pulleys

At Westcoast Curtains and Blinds in Perth we know what is unique about the blind system and sets it apart from any other are it’s specially designed slotted side tracks between which the blind glides smoothly up or down.

The specially designed spline is attached to the edge of the fabric and locks it into the tracks. The spring operation (spring is pre-tensioned) enables the blind to stop and stay wherever required.

The combined weight of the bottom bar and screening fabric e.g. clear PVC or shade fabric, as it comes of the top roller tube cancels out the increasing spring tension, thereby remaining in any desired position. This is also the

reason why it is so easy to push up and down.

Conventional verandah-type blinds are attached only at the top and fastened at the bottom and are quite dangerous to operate in windy conditions as you have to detach the bottom in order to put them up. A Ziptrak® blind on the other hand is attached on all sides which is a totally different approach. And because it slides up and down with – the blind being attached inside the side tracks – it is SAFE and EASY to operate at all times.

No ropes or pulleys are required and you don’t have to climb on a chair to undo zippers and the like.

The blind can be locked in down position (specially designed locks) to guard against high winds. In private homes they are fitted to Patios, Verandahs etc. either with Clear or Tinted PVC against winter cold or with high tech solar fabrics for UV and Sun Protection.

The tracks are made of quality aluminium, powder coated to choice of colour.

For cafes and restaurants this way of screening is easy and quick when compared to a traditional blind with zippers: The complicated way of “zipping open” and then rolling up a blind via a rope system is time consuming and occupies the staff needlessly when they could be serving customers. Furthermore, the PVC or any blind material used, does not have to be touched and therefore stays more or less clean.

The Ziptrak® system can be used for corporate signage (use a high tech mesh fabric for sun protection on your shop window while advertising your product.)

It can be used inside or outside, just choose the appropriate technical textile for the blind. There are quite a number of applications, we have used them on cupboards, wine racks, etc. and people in general have their own ideas where they think there is good use for the system.

Ziptrak® blinds can be operated manually or electrically.

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